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Fragrance Soap - M. Antoinette Rose

M. Antoinette Rose  photo3
M. Antoinette Rose  photo3
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This luxurious fragrance could be compared with fresh cut gorgeous roses whose magic aromas can easily present you with inexplicably tenderness and captivating fascination of a really royal flower.
  • Brand: Le Blanc
  • Fragrance soap: M. Antoinette
  • Aroma: Rose 
  • Weight: 2 x 25 g
  • Dimension: 8 x 4 x 2 cm
  • A print for scented soap M. Antoinette embodies royal charm of one of the most famous French queens, Maria Antoinette. It will be a perfect present for your loved woman. 
  • Majestic fragrances from a capital of perfumery, miraculous Grass, will present you with genuine pleasure. We offer you to get acquainted with natural perfumes which encompass all beauty and mystery of nature.
  • Every scented masterpiece from rich assortment of soap from the Le Blanc will be a perfect present for those who want to enjoy with aromas of beautiful France. Due to presence of gorgeous designer prints on soap, everyone will get a huge amount of aesthetic pleasure just looking at it.
  • It is made of genuinely organic components, which contain 100% natural herbal extracts and enriched with shea butter. Due to such a wonderful combination, your shin will be mild and silky.
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