Scented Candles

History of candle usage

Buy candlesA candle is a wonderful source of warmth and light which played an extremely important role in pre-electricity time. It was an indispensable thing in everyday life. Candles making techniques have been changing depending on the age. The same story was with materials out of which people made candles. The most popular and widely spread materials are beeswax or palm wax, glycerol, fat and paraffin. Not everyone knows that the usual candle is a really multifunctional product. It was used as means for time measurement and means for heating a small amount of food. In addition the candle is a symbol of hope, inspiration and even a human’s life. You can find a lot of different proofs of these words in every field of art. Poets, writers, artists and painters use an image of the candle in their works. That’s why we claim that even the usual candle conveys powerful meaning. It is a cultural value.  

We can’t help but mention a role of the candle in religious rituals. It is an embodiment of divine light which protects us from various misfortunes and evil. One way or another, the candle has a lot of ways of application. Its main role was to light dwellings, but appearance of electricity changed everything.

People started to use the candle as a decorative element. In the 18th century people bought sets of candles, because they were wonderful decorations for balls and other festive events. That’s why today we have so many different manufacturers of the candles and such an impressive assortment of them. You can find a product of any size, any color and any scent. You can easily apply them for decoration of your own dwelling.

Application of candles in people’s life

There are various types of candles depending on a purpose they are used. Let’s get acquainted with some of them!

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  1. The first one is a usual candle which is used in household. If there is no electricity, it can help to light a room. Such candles have no decorative value, that’s why they look relatively primitively.

  2. Dinner candles are used for decoration of various objects before some festive events. Any romantic date won’t be romantic without them. That is a symbol of romanticism.

  3. Tea candles are special, because they are used for heating of a bowl in a fragrance lamp. In addition the tea candles are very attractive decorative elements. They look really impressive in various combinations with other types of the candles.

  4. Decorative candles are a unique type, because they are used for making dwellings more elegant and glamorous. There are a lot of different types of the decorative candles. You will be impressed with their unusual looks.  

The last type of the candles is the most actual and popular all over the world. The decorative candles are often bought as a Christmas gift or a present on a St. Valentine’s Day. This type acquires fascinating charm because of its delightful aroma which spreads in the air gradually and created atmosphere if coziness.  

Scented candles as a sub-type of the decorative candles are worth of a separate article which you can find in our online store. Despite appearance of electricity the candles are still popular. The field of their application grows and spreads.

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