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Votives - Black Plum Blossom

Black Plum Blossom photo3
Black Plum Blossom photo3
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  • Brand: Yankeecandle Samplers Votives
  • Aromatic candle: Black Plum Blossom
  • Fragrance Families: Fruit 
  • Weight: 49 gr.
  • Time of burning: about 15 hours
  • Find your fragrance, the Samplers collection will provide you a wide choice of candles with which you will be able, experimenting, to create the palette of smells. In combination with accessories from the Votives collection, the company offers a set of decorative opportunities for decoration of an interior.
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They say that nothing lasts forever. Every day brings something new and there is always place for miracles. For instance, that is a changing of seasons. One period flow smoothly into another. A golden autumn is replaced with silver winter, then comes romantic spring and finally begins long-awaited summer. Probably everyone has ever dreamt to prolong summer at least for a while. The workers of the Yankeecandle Company have created a new Black Plum Blossom scented candle, which can revive wonderful summer in your soul. This candle is a part of SamplersVotives series. Buy an aromatic candle of Yankeecandle Black Plum Blossom in the Internet – shop; an amazing nectar of black plum is the main component of the ‘’Black Plum Blossom’’ scented candle. It will create an atmosphere of tenderness, coziness and warmth. 
A delicate plum aroma will be felt in the air for a considerable long period of time. Fragrant notes of ripe black plum will soar in the air of your dwelling, spreading a feeling of happiness and joyfulness. The aroma of plum will be also suitable for a funny party with friends. This combination of sweet plum, vanilla and musk can help you to reveal your sensitive side. 
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