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Tealights Candles - True Rose

True Rose photo3
True Rose photo3
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  • Brand: Yankeecandle  Tealights
  • Aromatic tea candles: True Rose
  • Fragrance Families: Floral
  • They are ideally suited for decoration of an interior your favourite aroma.
  • In number: 12 pieces
  • Time of burning: 4-6 hours
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The charming atmosphere will relieve your senses and adjust to a positive wave of relaxation. Buy in the Internet - shop aromatic tea candles of Yankee candle True Rose. 
Scarlet rose has rightly won a reputation of the most romantic flower in the world. Lots of people around the world, during different times, even epochs demonstrated their attention and appreciation, expressed admiration and love using this stunning bouquet of flowers. Clearly, the masters of the Yankeecandle company could not take into account an unsurpassed aroma of velvet red roses, so they made up their minds to create amazing tea candles "True Rose".
Romantic meeting with a beloved person is the best reason to fill the space with this enchanting smell. You will get a composition 12 articles that will be propagating fragrant waves of queen of all flowers for the next 4-6 hours of continuous burning. Also, aromatized candles tea True Rose is great choice for a personal relaxation, languid and soothing evening for your own bliss. Professionals of Yankeecandle company are working nonstop to make your life much better Flavored products of this brand are created to return the harmony and joy. By purchasing our production make sure that it’s true.
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