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Tealights Candles - Cranberry Pear

Cranberry Pear photo3
Cranberry Pear photo3
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  • Brand: Yankeecandle  Tealights
  • Aromatic tea candles: Cranberry Pear
  • Fragrance Families: Fruit 
  • They are ideally suited for decoration of an interior your favourite aroma.
  • In number: 12 pieces
  • Time of burning: 4-6 hours
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 Either a happy holiday or a festive evening will be much brighter if it is decorated with small helpers of happiness - tea candles Cranberry Pear developed by worldwide famous American producer Yankeecandle.To buy aromatic tea candles of Yankee candle Cranberry Pear in the Internet - shope.
Incredibly attractive alliance of a juicy ripe pear and cranberry syrup stirs imagination and fills the soul with joy. This playful fragrance is exactly perfect for those energetic and well-motivated people who know how to make their lives more enjoyable using every given minute. Scents of pear and cranberry are clean appropriate to emphasize the mischievous nature of the hosts and let your guests feel the atmosphere of fun and buoyancy.
For the following 4-6 hours of candles’ melting your room will be saturated with juicy fruits and sweet berry cocktail. Tea lights "Cranberry Pear" have a relaxing effect; they reduce irritation and restore your positive thoughts’ flowing. Including 12 compact articles, this composition will become a stylish attribute of your interior. Little aroma joy assistants by company Yankeecandle will return a party atmosphere to your house. You will be surprised by a great variety of candles and other fragrances for your home and car.
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