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Tealights Candles - Champaca Blossom

Champaca Blossom photo3
Champaca Blossom photo3
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  • Brand: Yankeecandle  Tealights
  • Aromatic tea candles: Champaca Blossom
  • Fragrance Families: Floral
  • They are ideally suited for decoration of an interior your favourite aroma.
  • In number: 12 pieces
  • Time of burning: 4-6 hours
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 Have you ever noticed how little we make pleasant surprises for ourselves sometimes? In a continuous stream of commonplace affairs it has become so simply to get lost in the abyss of catchall problems and concerns. An American world-wide famous Yankeecandle company presents an ideal means to run away from daily problems - stunning tealights Champaca Blossom which will be perfectly well in a combination with a warm bath that will help you relax mentally and physically. Imagine how your bathroom is being filled with exotic flavours of unrivaled campaka, a relative of magnolia, combined with charming fruit nectar. To buy aromatic tea candles of Yankee candle Champaca Blossom in the Internet - shop.
These incredible aromas will take you away to the sweetest paradise beach, prompt lurking dreams and fantasies to become alive in your heart again. Do not stop making such pleasant surprises for yourself; make sure tea candles "Champaca Blossom" will create the atmosphere of spa for over 4-6 hours of continuous burning. The products of the American company Yankeecandle are widespread around the world. This company has won hearts of many comfort aficionados. Let you drown yourself in the world of never-ceasing bliss with sweet-scented aromas that will conquer you forever.
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