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Tealights Candles - Cassis

Cassis photo3
Cassis photo3
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  • Brand: Yankeecandle  Tealights
  • Aromatic tea candles: Cassis
  • Fragrance Families: Fruit 
  • They are ideally suited for decoration of an interior your favourite aroma.
  • In number: 12 pieces
  • Time of burning: 4-6 hours
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 Boring and pestered homely atmosphere can be clearly reduced by using the most stunning tea candles Cassis which are produced by a well-known throughout the world Yankeecandle Company. To buy aromatic tea candles of Yankee candle Cassis in the Internet - shop.
As a kind of balsam for your exhausted soul and interior, these candles permeate the air with a luxuriant aroma of black currant spiced by a delightfully fresh gust of sourness. A stylish comfortable composition of 12 compact items will help your home burst into a blossom with new notes and the most refreshing scents will appeal to each of its inhabitants. Small-sized aroma candles are of universal usage: they are not only a source of heat and light in your dwelling but also these tealights have in their possession a calming effect. Their sensational berry flavour will be lasting for over 4-6 hours. Have a try of other flavoured candles by Yankeecandle company, a combination of several types can lead to unexpectedly pleasant results. Since 1969 our company has been always available to present everything home comforting to its lovers all over the world. You can find many wonderful gift items in a wide range of our sensational brand Yankeecandle as well as scented products for home and car which will please every demanding client. 
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