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Scented wax - Sicilian Lemon

Sicilian Lemon photo3
Sicilian Lemon photo3
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Aromatic wax: Sicilian Lemon
  • It's intended for using in lamp fragrance.
  • Fragrance Families: Fruit
  • Weight: 22gr.
  • Time of burning: 8 hours
  • You should mix some aromas to create own aromatic mix.
  • You will choose on our site an aromatic lamp from a collection, they are specially developed for these products.
  • Recommendations: use candles for heating of an aromatic lamp with a neutral smell.
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Buy a Sicilian Lemon cake scented candle from the Yankeecandle Company, which refreshes with aromas of juicy lemons from far-removed Sicilia, in the online shop! Naturally sweet and unbelievable fresh savor of a Sicilian lemon was reproduced by the gifted workers of the Yankeecandle company in a small ‘’Sicilian Lemon’’ cake scented wax. Only natural components of the highest quality were used for production of this cake scented wax. Your house will be filled with a bright citrus mood.
If you want to fill your home with the amazingly fragrance of the ‘’Sicilian Lemon’’ cake scented wax, you will surely need a fragrant lamp. Firstly, you should warm an upper bowl with a scentless candle and then melt the cake scented wax.  The cake scented wax weights only 22 gr., but it will gladden your heart for 8 hours. Get acquainted with the rich assortments of our online shop. There so many fragrant products, that it is very difficult to resist temptation to buy them all. Choose a scented product, which will suit you. 
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