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Scented wax - Pain au Raisin

Pain au Raisin photo3
Pain au Raisin photo3
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Aromatic wax: Pain au Raisin
  • It's intended for using in lamp fragrance.
  • Fragrance Families: Food and Spice
  • Weight: 22gr.
  • Time of burning: 8 hours
  • You should mix some aromas to create own aromatic mix.
  • You will choose on our site an aromatic lamp from a collection, they are specially developed for these products.
  • Recommendations: use candles for heating of an aromatic lamp with a neutral smell.
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When you keep a diet, you wish always for something tasty and sweet, but it is prohibited! In order to take pleasure in a smell of tasty fresh rolls with cream and raisin it is necessary to buy Pain au Raisin Tarts scented wax from the Yankeecandle in the online shop.
Posh aromas of romantic France were embodied in a "Pain au Raisin" cake scented wax by the talented workers of the Yankeecandle Company. Immerse into the fragrant world of beautiful Paris. The aromas of fresh, crispy croissant, strong French brandy, vanilla and cinnamon will soar in the air for 8 hours.
You should remember that you can’t use a cake scented wax without a special fragrant lamp. You can easily find it in our online shop. A rich assortment of the scented products from the Yankeecandle Company gives you a chance to beautify interior of your home. Get acquainted with an amazingly huge selection of various scented candles, gift sets, stylish accessories and many other products. Don’t get upset if you can’t visit wonderful France in the nearest time. Light our "Pain au Raisin" cake scented wax and breathe with the real embodiment of Parisian atmosphere. Fortunately this cake scented wax costs cheaper than a ticket to Paris. Everyone can afford it!  
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