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Scented wax - Lavender

Lavender photo3
Lavender photo3
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Aromatic wax: Lavender
  • It's intended for using in lamp fragrance.
  • Fragrance Families: Floral
  • Weight: 22gr.
  • Time of burning: 8 hours
  • You should mix some aromas to create own aromatic mix.
  • You will choose on our site an aromatic lamp from a collection, they are specially developed for these products.
  • Recommendations: use candles for heating of an aromatic lamp with a neutral smell.
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Present to your bathroom a small miracle – the lavender cupcake Yankeecandle Tarts Lavender. Buy an odorant wax melt Lavender by Yankeecandle, to conceive deeply all the beauty and fragrance of lavender bouquet, on the online store.
Stunning medicinal peculiarities of lavender are known to everyone. In addition to a wonderful effect on the human body, it also promotes the excellent relaxation, soothes the nervous system after a stressful situation, relieves tension and returns composure. Consequently, it is not surprising that well-known masters of American company Yankeecandle decided to put enchanting scent of lavender in wax cake "Lavender".
To let house be filled with this deliciously soothing flavor you need an aroma lamp. Start heating it with a candle of neutral smell and then melt the wax in this lamp, which although weighs only 22 grams, is able to spread the intoxicating lavender bliss for 8 hours. Also the huge collection of Yankeecandle brand embraces other scented wax melts, as well as flavored candles, fashion accessories, gift sets, and wide selection of different things for comfort.
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