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Scented wax - Champaca Blossom

Champaca Blossom photo3
Champaca Blossom photo3
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Aromatic wax: Champaca Blossom
  • It‘s intended for using in lamp fragrance.
  • Fragrance Families: Floral 
  • Weight: 22 gr.
  • Time of burning: 8 hours
  • You should mix some aromas to create own aromatic mix.
  • You will choose on our site an aromatic lamp from a collection, they are specially developed for these products.
  • Recommendations: use candles for heating of an aromatic lamp with a neutral smell.
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You dream to visit the east, but there is always no opportunity! The scented tarts Yankeecandle Champaca Blossom will carry out your desire. It is only necessary to buy scented wax tarts Yankeecandle in our online shop. Lovely aroma of eastern champaca, carrying balsamic notes of incense and sweet fruity shades, has inspired a world-wide popular Yankeecandle company masters to create aromatized wax melts Champaca Blossom.
Charming floral smell has wonderful effects on refreshing your homely atmosphere. Also it is capable of emotional balance restoring and relaxing; it allows you to plunge into the fascinating exotic adventure. Pay attention to that fragrant wax melt "Champaca Blossom" should be used only with the special lamp, which, like many other unique products can be found in an assortment of Yankeecandle brand. All you need is to: to warm an aromatic lamp with candle of neutral color, then melt aroma wax which will be distributing the exciting flavors of champaca for 8 hours. Make sure that our online store is always ready to present to your attention a wide abundance of products of the manufacturer to form a uniquely fragrant atmosphere at your home. Also it produces car accessories. Every product is characterized by unparalleled quality and nice price.
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