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Scented wax - Cappuccino Truffle

Cappuccino Truffle photo3
Cappuccino Truffle photo3
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Aromatic wax: Cappuccino Truffle
  • It‘s intended for using in lamp fragrance.
  • Fragrance Families: Food and Spice
  • Weight: 22 gr.
  • Time of burning: 8 hours
  • You should mix some aromas to create own aromatic mix.
  • You will choose on our site an aromatic lamp from a collection, they are specially developed for these products.
  • Recommendations: use candles for heating of an aromatic lamp with a neutral smell.
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You can't hold out fragrant coffee with soft skin-cream and favourite sweets!? Then the wax-tarts Yankeecandle Cappuccino Truffle undoubtedly is for you. It is only necessary to buy this small miracle in our online store.
Alluring aromas of sumptuous roasted coffee and delicious velvety chocolate have been embodied in a small wax melt "Cappuccino Truffle" owing to brilliant, high-skilled masters of widely-known Yankeecandle company. Stunning coffee-chocolate bliss will be penetrating your home long 8 hours. To do this you just need to warm an aromatic lamp with a small candle of neutral smell and melt the wax. Captivating aromatherapy is not only an enjoyable but also very useful process.
Its calming effect helps to reach complete relaxation, so it is best of all to use this fragrant wonder after a hard working day. With the help of sweet melt "Cappuccino Truffle" you will not only relax but also feel a stream of new energy and creative ideas will flood you. Note also that Yankeecandle company offers a wide range of numerous aromatized products for your home and car which promote a good mood. All these wonderful products are presented at the pages of our online store. We do our best to make your life much easier, brighter, sunnier and surely happier.
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