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Jar Candles 623 gr - Honey Glow

Honey Glow photo5
Honey Glow photo5
Honey Glow photo5
Honey Glow photo5
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Scented candle: Honey Glow
  • Fragrance Families: Food and Spice
  • Weight: 623 gr.
  • Time of burning: 110 - 150 hours
  • Classical design: candle in a glass jar with a cover
  • Recommendations: minimal time of burning for appearance of scented wax smooth surface. To extinguish a flame close simply a candle with a cover. For a candle's reuse use special scissors, cut off a match, leaving 5-7 mm.
  • The main specific feature of this product lies in a changed color. Don’t be afraid, these products still possess flawlessly rich and pleasant aromas which made the Yankee Candle famous and popular in all countries of the world!
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 The sweet, honey aroma of Honey Glow scented candle will help to relax and create a dreamy mood. Buy a scented candle Yankee candle Honey Glow in the Internet - shop.
A gentle fresh wind disquiets spreading branches of blooming fruit trees and hard-working bees fly around them. Warm sun rays drown in rich greenness of trees and grass. Mother Nature created a lot of beautiful things, which are can’t be even enumerated. Bees are one of those miraculous creatures. They gladden us with the results of their work. Create an atmosphere of an absolute weightlessness with the help of a big ‘’Honey Glow’’ scented candle produced by the Yankeecandle Company.
It will present you with 110-150 hours of genuine enjoyment and pleasure. Imagine a bee-garden and enjoy with buzzing of hard-working bees. Due to its lovely design, the big scented candle from Yankeecandle will perfectly match the big, spacious room. It is wonderfully easy and pleasant to use. If you want to dispel an atmosphere of bee-garden and fresh wind, then put a cap on the glass jar and flame will extinguish in a few minutes.
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