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Jar Candles 623 gr - Fireside Treats

Fireside Treats photo3
Fireside Treats photo3
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Scented candle: Fireside Treats
  • Fragrance Families: Food and Spice
  • Weight: 623 gr.
  • Time of burning: 110 - 150 hours
  • Classical design: candle in a glass jar with a cover
  • Recommendations: minimal time of burning for appearance of scented wax smooth surface. To extinguish a flame close simply a candle with a cover. For a candle's reuse use special scissors, cut off a match, leaving 5-7 mm.
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Feel the joy of a starry night with close friends or relatives by a fire. Buy a big scented candle Fireside Treats Yankee candle in Internet shop.
Reproduce an atmosphere of coziness and friendship at your home.
A tender, delicate aroma of a big ‘’FiresideTreats’’ scented candle from Yankeecandle Company will remind you of a pleasant feeling of confidence in the best friend. This aroma will warm you up with the scent of friendship for the next 110-150 hours of uninterrupted burning of the candle. An overwhelming aroma of melting marshmallow and bonfire will calm you down and warm you with its rich savor during cold winter evenings.
The aroma of fried marshmallow is quite natural and it will definitely make your home cozier. Breathe in this savor and you will find yourself sitting near the hot bonfire in the company of your best friends. This scented candle will help you to relax and get rid of constant stress. The big ‘’FiresideTreats’’ scented candle is a wonderful decorative element for big, spacious rooms and suits any home style. The scented candles produced by Yankeecandle Company are very easy to use. Put a cap on the glass jar if you want to dispel the sweet aroma of fired marshmallow and bonfire.
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