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Fragrance of the Month - Champaca Blossom

Champaca Blossom photo3
Champaca Blossom photo3
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Scented candle: Champaca Blossom
  • Fragrance Families: Floral
  • Weight: 623 gr.
  • Time of burning: 110 - 150 hours
  • Classical design: candle in a glass jar with a cover
  • Recommendations: minimal time of burning for appearance of scented wax smooth surface. To extinguish a flame close simply a candle with a cover. For a candle's reuse use special scissors, cut off a match, leaving 5-7 mm.
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 Tender smell of fresh fruits and tender flowers makes you feel alive. Buy a big scented candle Champaca Blossom Yankee candle in the Internet store.
A delightful floral aroma will fill every corner in your house.  A light note of salvia will bring you calmness and relaxation. A ‘’ChampacaBlossom’’ scented candle from Yankeecandle will present you 100-150 hours of uninterrupted pleasure. A mild spicy hot savor will definitely improve your mood and inspire to do something pleasurable, but unusual at the same time. This wonderful aroma will wake up your hidden emotions and feelings! That is the high time for revealing love and kindness towards your beloved ones. Fill your home with happiness and aromas!
The intensive floral aroma will win your heart from the very first seconds. If Paradise really exists, it smells champaca. This marvelous aroma will stimulate your imagination and creativity. Maybe you will paint a wonderful picture or write a poem and redecorate your living room. The charming savor of white flowers, which resemble stars, is reflected in this scented candle from Yankeecandle. Surprise your family with this impressive, but gentle aroma. The scented candles in the glass jars with caps are very easy to use. If you want to dispel the gentle aroma of wonderful champaca flowers and bracing salvia, just put a cap on the jar.
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