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Jar Candles 623 gr - Cassis

Cassis photo4
Cassis photo4
Cassis photo4
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  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • Aromatic candle: Cassis
  • Fragrance Families: Fruit
  • Weight: 623 gr.
  • Time of burning: 110 - 150 hours
  • Classical design: candle in a glass jar with a cover
  • Recommendations: minimal time of burning for appearance of scented wax smooth surface. To extinguish a flame close simply a candle with a cover. For a candle's reuse use special scissors, cut off a match, leaving 5-7 mm.
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 An aromatic shrub of blackcurrant will surprise you with its unique composition of delicate savors. Overwhelming aroma filling with pleasant warm your body. Buy a big-size scented candle Cassis Yankee candle on the website of our online store.
When you breath in the aroma of blackcurrant, you imagination will immediately depict a lovely countryside with its wonderful and peaceful landscapes. Come closer to this shrub and enjoy its wholesome scents, which evoke only positive emotions in your soul and mind. Then try a berry and feel its savor-sweet taste.  A ‘’Cassis’’ scented candle Yankeecandle will remind you of juicy berry mix with notes of astringent. This bracing aroma will keep you active the whole day long for 110-150 hours of uninterrupted burning. Who could imagine that scent of that lowly rural plant will win such popularity in all corners of the world! The scented candles from Yankeecandle are produced in the USA, using only eco-friendly materials, such as essential oils and fragrance oils. That’s why all scented candles are absolutely safe for health. The big ‘’Cassis’’ scented candle will add some extravagance and make your living-room cozier. The scented candle is very simple to use. If you want to dispel an atmosphere of countryside freshness and calmness, you can put a cap on the glass jar and the flame will extinguish.
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