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Fragrant Diffusers - Fiori d'Orchidea 100ml

Fiori d'Orchidea 100ml  photo3
Fiori d'Orchidea 100ml  photo3
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A gorgeous bouquet made of beautiful orchids, which stands on a windowsill is a source of fascinating fragrances! This captivating home fragrance will fill your dwelling with notes of tenderness, lightness, elegance and unsurpassed femininity. There is no chance to resist this savor!
  • Brand: Millefiori Milano
  • Fragrance Diffuser: Fiori d'Orchidea
  • Collection: Natural
  • Fragrance Families: floral olfactory group
  • Aroma notes: long-lasting notes are amber, santalwood, musk, cedarwood; heart notes are orchid, damask rose, iris, cyclamen; head notes are peach, lemon, plum, tangerine, fig leaves
  • Capacity: 100 ml
  • Duration of using: about  1,5/2 months
  • Recommendations: for the increased aroma distribution, turn part of bamboo sticks, and for a saturated smell, you should turn all sticks.
  • When aroma runs low, you can get something similiar from the Refills collection which will allow you to enjoy favorite perfume, and also it is quite good to save money; besides, having an empty bottle from the diffuser or any other decorative vessel, you can also use Refill product to fill the house with new and unusual aromas.
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