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Scented Couture Flowers - Couture Flower Black Rose and Room spray Ombre Patchouli

Couture Flower Black Rose and Room spray Ombre Patchouli photo4
Couture Flower Black Rose and Room spray Ombre Patchouli photo4
Couture Flower Black Rose and Room spray Ombre Patchouli photo4
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That is a fragrance of enveloping harmony and mysterious transformation which refreshes with the help of a wonderful fragrant veil made of patchouli, moss and tonka beans. This fragrance will help you to start enjoying your life and notice its miracles! 
  • Brand: Herve Gambs
  • Couture Flowers: Black Rose
  • Size: 7 x 7 X ht 11,5cm
  • Fragrance room spray: Ombre Patchouli
  • Aroma notes: oak moss and tonka bean, patchouli.
  • Box size: 14 x 14 x ht 17.5cm.
  • The composition is manually made in a workshop of the French Herve Gambs's house.
  • There is special charming, excellent gift's idea!
  • To bring a piece of the nature and unique aromas in urban interiors, that is Herve Gambs's purpose.
  • Couture flowers, it’s a splendid artwork which fascinate the beauty captivating a look, and present to the room unique aroma. The majestic interior designer of Hervé Gambs created really elegant miracle! The secret consists in special material which the master has been keeping in secrecy for a very long time. Thanks to this material flowers' petals absorb essential oils of spray and will give you gradually, imperceptibly, but noticeably and fully the refined aroma.
  • It will be elegantly combined and effectively to look in jewelry stores, hotels, offices, receptions, also it will decorate both classical and modern design of your interior.
 If you are in search of an original gift for the person dear to your heart, then the charming Couture Flower Herve Gambs Black Rose with spray Ombre Patchouli is exactly what you need, and you can buy it in the online store with fast delivery.
Give your loved one the fascinating aromatic power charging tremendous energy, which lies in the production of luxury couture flowers Black Rose with spray Ombre Patchouli from the company Herve Gambs. Chic decor elements topped with a mysterious black rose will surely supply the room with a particular style. If you combine it with a wonderful room spray Ombre Patchouli, the air will become enveloped with smells of patchouli, tonka beans and sweet oak moss. Your home will be filled not only with lovely chic but also with an incredibly refreshing fragrance.
Thus, this product can serve a great gift for someone who is particularly dear to you. Also in the range of the famous Herve Gambs you will find lots of other unique floral products. Each of the articles is unique and delightful in its own way. With such a remarkable element of decor you can decorate your home interior or the atmosphere in the office, hotel or at the reception.
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