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Fragrant Diffusers - Silver Honeysuckle

Silver Honeysuckle photo4
Silver Honeysuckle photo4
Silver Honeysuckle photo4
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A bittersweet and honey fragrance of tart meadow flowers will fill you with positive emotions, wonderful inspiration, perfect mood and dreams. Your wish to fly will come true. 
  • Brand: Durance
  • Scented Diffuser: Silver Honeysuckle
  • Capacity: 100 ml
  • Duration of using: about 1,5/2 months
  • Well-known Durance brand's scented diffuser will envelop with elegant ease and naturalness each corner of rooms.
  • Recommendations: for the increased aroma distribution, turn part of bamboo sticks, and for a saturated smell, you should turn all sticks. The more sticks you will use, the richer an aroma will become.
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If you are missing a relaxing atmosphere at your home after a hard day, then aroma diffuser Durance Silver Honeysuckle, enveloping space with a pleasant scented honeysuckle and light notes of orange, honey and lily of the valley - is just what you are looking for, and you can buy it her, in the online store.
Excellent relaxation, filling with wonderful energy and great mood – all this you can get due to the aromatic diffuser Silver Honeysuckle by the unique French brand Durance. Within 2 months this charming product will be distributing a refreshing and yet perfectly calming fragrance that all members of the household and guests of your favorite dwelling will evaluate. The best rooms for aromatherapy with the diffuser Silver Honeysuckle are a living room, a bathroom, a nursery and a bedroom.
Also pay your attention to the fact that such a magnificent fragrance can be made more intense. It is only necessary to turn a number of bamboo sticks to make air be enveloped with delightfully lush smells. By turning all sticks, you can enjoy deep, sensual, soothing strength of the brilliant diffuser Silver Honeysuckle.
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