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Fragrant Diffusers - West 250 ml

West 250 ml  photo4
West 250 ml  photo4
West 250 ml  photo4
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Impetuous and unbridled energy West which strives to get ahead faster than a wind will cover you with a wave of wonderful aromas such as lemon, bergamot, orange blossom, greet tea and sea ozone fragrances. 
  • Brand: Dr. Vranjes
  • Fragrance Diffuser: West
  • Fragrance Families:compass card
  • Aroma notes: the head notes of bergamot, lemon; a heart made of Green Tea essence together with Cotton notes and a final accord of marine-ozone essences 
  • Scented Decor:modern living room, bathroom
  • Properties:relaxes, balances the mood, stimulates energy reserves while purifying the air
  • Capacity: 250 ml
  • Includes 10 natural bamboo sticks, H 35 sm
  • Contains high 10% pure perfume
  • Duration of using: about 2-3 months
  • The elegant vessel is made in Dr.Vranjes style, master of creation exclusive aromas.
  • Recommendations: for the increased aroma distribution, turn part of bamboo sticks, and for a saturated smell, you should turn all sticks.
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 If you do not have enough energy for a committing to an active life you can buy an aroma diffuser Dr. Vranjes West on this online store, easily solving this problem due to the smells of lemon, bergamot, orange blossom, green tea and cotton that set off clearly the base notes of marine ozone.
Over eternal 2-3 months every centimeter of your favorite dwelling will be filled with an exclusive atmosphere of alluring west, passionate fragrance of which is conveyed by the aromatic diffuser West released by incredibly popular brand Dr. Vranjes. Highly skilled masters of perfumery have created this delightful product for you to be able to go on an exciting journey through the mysterious land, while being surrounded by homely coziness. This diffuser is good not only at dispelling the most brilliant smell but also is rich in amazing properties owing to which you will perfectly relax and gain new energy to achieve success in life. You can enhance the effect of the luxuriant fragrance by turning a few sticks or you may be overflown with the most profound if you turn them all. A fascinating Compass Card series offers you a glimpse into the other ends of the earth, because of its prominent products. Moreover, each of the fragrances has its own special characteristics, so you should get to know them.
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